Wednesday, August 15, 2007

R.I.P. Tombstone

Purchased this 20" tombstone from Michaels this afternoon. With a 40% off coupon, the total cost was $12. It's made of a heavy resin material.

Yeah...yeah...I know. I could made many more stones if I'd used the money to buy pink foam and paint. But the truth of the matter is my graveyard is about filled up right now. Until I expand the fencing, building six or eight new large stones is a waste (and a storage problem). Maybe next year. These little stones will make a nice addition this year and can be used inside for "decorations" until they go outside.

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Anonymous said...

You've been getting some good deals from Michael's. I've been buying my stones too, cause I usually spend so much time on my corpses, that I run out before the big night.