Sunday, October 21, 2007

10 Foot Witch Catches Possessed Little Girl

This giant witch caught a wicked little girl this afternoon in our back yard. She went on to boil the evil child in the cauldron right after this photo.


CreepyChrisS said...

She is amazing! I saw a cauldron like that at Party City this year... She is talldf than the reaper that I built for this year. The possessed child is a nice touch. Are the Hands from Kmart? I Bought some from there and they look like they are the same.

ScareFX said...

Thanks! The cauldron was the large version from Party City. They had them on sale for 50% off a couple weeks ago so I got it for about $10. The hands are the glove type from Mario Chiodo Studios. I got them from Spirit Halloween for about $8. I did see a very similar pair at K-Mart. It would not surprise me if those were from the same manufacturer.