Thursday, November 01, 2007

Costume 2007

Here's a flash photo of me in my costume this year. In the dark and in the landscaping, I blended in very well. It made it easy to get some good scares and it was fun listening to kids comments since many did not know I was there.


CreepyChrisS said...

Awesome costume... It looks itchy though lol. I bet you got lots of kids!

Gibber said...

This is a great!

I was actually thinking about making a bush costume for halloween 2008. You make some fantastic props!

Grim said...

That's what I was last year too! I stayed to the side of the driveway and had a small tupperware bowl that I would scrape on the driveway to scare people. I plastic bowl sliding across concrete makes an awesome sound, very loud.

Valhella said...

What a great costume idea!
I have been racking my brain for what to be this year! I want to blend into the haunt but maybe not quite that much.