Thursday, September 04, 2008

Nox Arcana - Grimm Tales

With their new CD, Grimm Tales, Nox Arcana invites you to enter the Realm of Fable, where goblins, elves and sylvan spirits dwell in the deepest shadows of the forest beneath the wicked Witch Queen's spell of eternal darkness. Immerse yourself in a haunting soundscape of bewitching melodies, eerie sound effects and pulse-pounding orchestrations as you explore an enchanted land of dark fairy tales and childhood nightmares.

Nox Arcana is derived from two Latin words, which roughly translate to "mysteries of the night." It is a great interest in ancient lore, gothic literature and classic horror that unites Vargo and Piotrowski in their neverending quest into shadowy and dangerous realms.

This is another good CD from Nox Arcana. I'll be using some of the tracks in my haunt this Halloween.


Omar Rodriguez V said...

This is pure magic! fantastic!!! *-*

Anonymous said...

Btw I am making dark ambient music in my FL studio , prefer this sample pack , what do u think is it a good choice ?